Roasted with Maple and Oak hardwood to create Unique, Deep, Dark and Rich flavor profiles.

We roast from a good hard “Medium” all the way to an Italian “Wicked Dark”.

Why Choose Us?

Most modern day coffee roasters use propane or natural gas to roast their coffee and only a handful of roasters across the country are still using wood.

Why wood? 

We wanted to use wood because it was sustainable and readily available in our home state. We also fell in love with the taste of wood fired coffee and developed a way to roast our coffees the way we wanted to. Nice and Dark. Most of our offerings are Medium to Dark Roasts. However, we have also been experimenting with some Wicked Dark Italian roasts, which people are falling head over heals in love with. We have even converted some of friends from light roast to dark roasted coffees! Don't be afraid of these dark coffees, they're not bitter like others you've tried. If you prefer light roasts and want to venture on the Dark Side, we recommend starting with the "Lunatic Express". 

Bought my first pour-over set (Chemex) and was directed to AshCat Coffee by a friend. Bought a bag from Rail City Market. It makes a GREAT cup, very rich tasting. Would not hesitate to recommend AshCat Coffee

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About Us

Shawn Briggs

Roaster / Owner


Ash Cat: “The gentleman responsible for stoking the coal fire of a Locomotive Steam Engine. Also known as a ‘fireman‘.After shoveling coal all day long, he would be left ‘none too clean‘.

We wanted to connect our coffee roasting business to our local railroad community of Saint Albans Vermont, which has also been referred to as the “Rail City”. Several businesses in the area are already incorporating Rail City in their name and we want to do something a little different. After scouring through old "Railroad lingo", we absolutely fell in love with the idea of using “AshCat”. It represents our connection to our beloved city and the fact that we use wood fire to roast our coffee.


Located in Downtown St. Albans, Vermont. We have a tiny little roasting shed and roast our beans in a custom-built wood-fired roaster. We use local Maple and Oak firewood and roast in batches of 10 pounds or less.

Though we don't have a store yet, you can find our coffee at Rail City Market, located on the corner of Lake St and Main Street. - 8 South Main Street, to be exact.


St. Albans, Vermont

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